Tinkle Digest 319
(July 2018)

What’s Special?

  •  A bar of chocolate and a fountain pen are enough to land Amar Sen a.k.a butterfingers in a tough spot. Find out what happens when Butterfingers Gets Inked.
  • Suppandi’s very excited about The Elephant Plant he’s bought for Rs. 200. Read The Adventures of Suppandi to know more.
  • Shikari Shambu’s holidaying in Mumbai. But his four legged wild feline pals aren’t far away. Discover who visits Shambu in Cub Scouts.
  • Learn how Dasrath Manjhi took on a seemingly tall and proud mountain with relentless labour and a Mighty Will.
  • Tantri the Mantri has got a horse to get rid of King Hooja. Will he succeed or will he cement Hooja’s belief that they’re True Friends?

 Also starring:

Take a walk through the woods with Shrikant, Asif, Pia and Madhu to find out if they can be conquered by The Monsters in the Woods.

Ina Mina Mynah Mo and their parents are all set for a fun day of relaxation and family time! But can they escape the Picnic Woes?

How will The Lazy Couple make a living without standing up or getting up?

Prince Abhaya could be the next king of Sumerpur, but only if he passes the reigning King’s tests. Will he?

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