Tinkle 694
(June 2018)

What’s Special?

Let your imagination soar high in the fantastic world of Tinkle stories!

  • It’s raining in Guwahati but Kriti is safe under her fancy Scottish umbrella. But what will she do when her umbrella refuses to behave? Find out in Under My Umbrella
  • Celebrate World Yoga Day with YogYodha siblings, Bir and Bala. Dive into The Yoga Chronicles to learn some handy yoga poses, tips and even some tricks.
  • While Mynah is busy attending a World Asteroid Day seminar, her sisters are scrambling to find the perfect Father’s Day gift. Will Ina, Mina, Mynah and Mo find a gift that’s Out of this World?
  • Make the most of World Picnic Dayand International Music Day with mind-bending puzzles in Pic(k) Your Brains.
  • Gear up to go back to school with exciting features like PuzzBuzz: I Can!, Fun Recipes: Apple Donuts and Do-It-Yourself: Bottle Pencil Holder!

 Also Starring:

Hunt for a precious antique with Ray and Sana in Antique Aunt. Face off with the terrifying Gechho ghost with Buchki and her Dadu in Tree Hugging. Taste the Trouble with Gini for throwing her uncle’s disgusting but beloved falooda down the drain. Sit down for a fun little chat with different Tinkle Toons in Talk Show. And follow a possible secret agent with Rahul and Ravi in Defective Detective: Suspicion Station.

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