Tinkle Digest 318
(June 2018)

What’s Special?

  • Nandu’s excitement is fizzling as life doesn’t seem to be what he expected after the arrival of his little sister. Find out how Nandu deals with becoming The Big Brother.
  • Neeraj adores his recue puppy. Follow them on an adventure and discover why his puppy’s such a Champ!
  • A wish upon a shooting star brings Dotty and the Albino Dragon together. Read on to know more about their conversation.
  • Horus the Saviour has a mission at hand that involves fragile bulbs. Will the puppy be successful? Read The Puppy Chronicles to find out.

Also starring:

Sometimes we all wish to skip school. Little Suppandi and Little Shambu are on the verge of being granted this wish. Find out what they decide On a Little Spin.

The Bashful Son-in-Law loses a cow because of his extreme shyness. Join the in-laws and a friend at lunch to learn how and why.

What should one expect when A Jackal Baby-Sits? Follow the crocodile to know.

Trace the footsteps of a village simpleton, Chhura to discover how he Turns the World Around while simply transporting a pot from one village to another.

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