Tinkle 693
(June 2018)

What’s Special?

This June, drench yourself in the shower of fun and thrilling Tinkle stories!

  • It’s pouring rain in the town of Aizwa. But something much more sinister is about to fall from the sky. Will WingStar manage to ward off this new Incoming threat?
  • Saifin and Sara want to make this Global Day of Parents special for their mom and dad. But with their differing plans, mom and dad might just find themselves Stuck in the Middle of this sibling rivalry.
  • Mr. Toad’s friends are determined to keep him and his dangerous driving off the streets. But can this reckless toad be tamed in ComiClassic: I ‘Toad’ You So?

Also Starring:

Accompany Kalia to Chamataka’s World Record party. Will Chamataka succeed in setting a twisted new world record or will his attempts end in a Record Failure? Help Pyarelal find the perfect hiking boots in Tyred Out! Visit The Black School with Sæmundur where he learns magical arts and tries to escape the school’s evil monster. Go in search for another habitable planet with Sam, Ravi and Rahul in Know-it-all: Plan(et) B. And join young YogYodhas Bir and Bala as they go Spying on their mysterious teacher Vyan.

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