Tinkle 692
(May 2018)

What’s Special?

Give your summer a tangy twist with the brand new May issue of Tinkle!

  • After a dreamy summer trip, Heena is in for a rude awakening. When her cousins are upgraded to the plane’s first class without her, she’ll do anything to check on them in Trip of a Lifetime.
  • Celebrate World Museum Day and Endangered Species Day with some fun, tricky puzzles in Pic(k) Your Brain!
  • This summer, skip away from boredom with our brilliant Do-It-Yourself: Eco Skipping Rope!

Also Starring:

Journey To the Moon with an inquisitive fox and his best friend Mole. Roll over laughing as Shambu runs at top speed from his Daymares. Help Denise Austin, The Elephant Angel save her beloved baby tusker. The canines in a dog contest might be Well Behaved but the same cannot be said for Wai Knot! The Show Goes On with vampire Dre and mummy Morse, as they try to escape dangerous humans. Laugh out loud at Raunak’s hilarious attempts to change his nickname, Shonty the Baby Demon. And go on a Pearly White Hunt for precious Whitanium with ex-vampire queen Myra and the Drains from Dental Diaries!

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