Tinkle Digest 317
(May 2018)

What’s Special?

  • Tantri the Mantri longs to be the King of Hujli. Find out in A Matter of Opinion what happens when his dream comes true.
  • Buddhuram tries to take a shortcut to a comfortable life. The outcome is revealed in The Stupid Thief.
  • Discover How the Dog Came to Stay with Man because of a basket of fresh peas and a dead rat!
  • Five year-old Nisha’s parents and grandmother are on Mission L.K.G Admission. Will it be accomplished? And how?  

Also starring:

Accompanying a seven year-old to school should be easy. But if you’re Amar Sen a.k.a Butterfingers there may be challenges. Find out how Amar fares as the School Escort.

Discover how patience could prevent the loss of 25 litres of milk to The Hasty Manager.

Rohit and Ramu may be fed up of the Second Best title, but will they find a way to win the first prize for their last shot at becoming quiz masters?!

A mother is met with jackals on the way to deliver lunch to her son. Then the Jackals Came to Dinner! Join the meal to know more.

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