Tinkle 691
(May 2018)

What’s Special?

Kick-start your summer holidays with Tinkle’s refreshing May issue!

  • This Mother’s Day Soumi and Prithvi have damaged their mom’s precious maang tikka. How will they fix this blunder before their mother gets to know? Find out in Heads Will Roll!
  • It’s Candy Day at NOIS! But Aadi, Nadia and their friends aren’t satisfied with just one helping of these sweet treats. Read on as they plot to get their hands on more candy in Candy Rush.
  • A wily new SuperWeirdo is competing against Aisha in the Junior Go-Karting championship. How will Aisha deal with her cunning competitor in SuperWeirdos: Vroom?
  • Tantri the Mantri is determined to rid King Hooja of his gaming addiction. And at the same time rid himself of King Hooja in Game Gone Wrong!    

Also Starring:

Join the hoity-toity cat, Faja, as she makes her way through rough city streets in Cat Choices. Also find out if cats really have nine lives in Know-It-All: Meow Madness. Work out your brain muscles with exciting puzzles in PuzzBuzz. Add excitement to your holidays with Do It Yourself: Shoebox Skee-ball. Help vampire Dre and mummy Morse save their beloved TV show in Thrillers: Show Goes On.  And meet the Talking Tree with Doob Doob in Kalia the Crow!

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