Tinkle Digest 316
(April 2018)

What’s Special?

  • It’s Lajwanti’s birthday and Pyarelal has been putting a lot of thought into what to get his wife. Take a peek at Home Garden to find out what Pyarelal has in store for Lajjo!
  • What does a village astronomer and a drought-stricken village have in common? Let’s get to the bottom of it in The Rain-Maker.
  • Mr. Murthy’s grandchildren have no faith in his ability to cook. Can Mr. Murthy prove them wrong when he enters a cooking competition? The results are revealed in A Test of Taste Buds.
  • Amar Sen a.k.a Butterfingers’ classmates are excited. The school has a new subject this year... painting.  Find out how Amar fares in art class in Butterfingers’ Masterpiece.

Also starring:

What happens when Volmer’s magic tricks are called ‘silly’ during a show, let’s find out in The Magician’s Revenge.

How will a poisonous snake and a prickly thorn teach a sultan and his vazir about change? Know more in Changing with the Times.

Doob Doob gives Chamataka a birthday gift with a bang. Surprisingly though Chamataka is not pleased! Find out why, in Kalia the Crow.

Tantri the Mantri is after Hooja’s throne again, only this time there’s a leopard involved.

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