Tinkle 688
(March 2018)

What’s Special?

Beat back the exam blues with the brand new, stress busting issue of Tinkle!

  • While Udit is lazing around, David is helping prepare for Ugadi. But will jealousy strike when Udit’s parents shower David with praises? Find out in New Year! New Me!
  • Celebrate World Theatre Day with Aadi. Hop From Stage to Stage and learn about some of India’s most interesting folk theatres!
  • Exam worries weighing you down? Then Test Your Amusement with Gautam as he learns to mix learning with fun!
  • Exercise your brain muscles with exciting World Water Day and International Day of Forests puzzles in Pic(k) Your Brains!

Also Starring:

Join siblings Bir and Bala as they discover more about the Warriors of the Spirit in YogYodhas: Bunking. Go hunting for Maphi’s missing birthday gift in The Best Birthday Party. Then accompany Aadi and Nadia as they unearth their school’s long buried secrets in NOIS: ‘Cat’astorphe. And help Wai and Kia fix a super complicated science project in Wai Knot: Spaced Out!

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