Tinkle Digest 315
(March 2018)

What’s Special?

  • King Rajendrarajan only eats dosas. But will a sudden stomach ache change his preference? Find out in The Idlis of the King.
  • Adventures galore await Janoo and Wooly Woo when Jilly Seal Makes a Wish to spend a day as a human.
  • Someone’s stolen the king’s precious gold coins! It’s time You Be the Detective and solve the mystery of A Story of Six Pence!
  •  Dr. Angora has some evil plans for The Disintegrating Machine. Will Tamara and her uncle Dr. Venugopal manage to stop him in time?

Also starring:

The Brave Boy faces off with a wild gorilla. Find out who wins!

 What can the river do to free the jackal of fleas? Find out in The Jackal and the Fleas.

It is difficult making friends in a new school. Learn from Kavish how to overcome being The Nobody.

Ammu and Anand are the stars of the school play. But what will happen when their good luck takes a Hairpin Bend?

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