Tinkle 687
(March 2018)

What’s Special?

Colour up your days with this fun-filled, new issue of Tinkle!

  • It’s Holi and clean freak Rinku just wants to steer clear of colours. But when her friends are armed with handfuls of colour, will she stand a chance at making A Holi Escape?
  • With exams right around the corner the stress monsters are rearing their great, ugly heads. Beat them back with some handy de-stressing tips in Know-It-All: Stress Busters!
  • When bookworm Mynah thinks she might fail her PT exams, Mina offers to help train her. Read as Mina’s teaching methods make Mynah’s head spin in Ina Mina Mynah Mo: Core Belief.
  • Reporters Sonny and Maya are bent on exposing the SuperWeirdos! Eek! Will Aisha be able to protect their best kept secret in SuperWeirdos: Zap Clap?
  • Ex-queen of the vampires, Myra, is rallying supporters to bring down the Drain family. Billy had better beware because this includes two bloodthirsty trolls paying them a visit in Dental Diaries: Don’t Feed the...

Also Starring:

Siblings Bir and Bala’s snarky shark Praanis have some advice for them. Will the young spirit warriors listen to them in YogYodhas: Bunking? And impulsive Ashutosh has set in motion A Messy Affair by entering his super unclean house in the Best House Contest!

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