Tinkle 686
(February 2018)

What’s Special?

Goodbye boredom! With Tinkle’s new issue, you’re guaranteed hours of non-stop fun!

  • This International Mother Language Day, astronaut Aaratrika runs into the aliens Irone and Scar. But on planet Eng 101 she must face dreaded alien goons, armed with nothing but The Spoken Word!
  • Aadi is busy showing off his acting skills. Meanwhile Nadia goes berserk trying out every sport Nilgiri Orchid International School has to offer. Will she find the perfect fit in NOIS: Sports Saga?
  • Wicked queen Bijni has teamed up with evil demoness, Bansheena. Can they succeed in destroying Hujli together in Tantri the Mantri: Demoness of Doom?
  • Travel with Buchki to the Sunderbans. But beware! There might be more than just scenic beauty awaiting you in Buchki and the Booligands: Tiger Trailing.
  • Work out your brain muscles with exciting puzzles in PuzzBuzz and Pic(k) Your Brains!

Also Starring:

Join Ina as she struggles to master the ancient martial art form Taekwondo in Ina Mina Mynha Mo: A Kick in Time. Drop and Loop continue their quest to find magical venom in Thrillers: Infamous. Enter the hunt for some of the world’s most famous lost treasures in Treasure Troves. And peep in as siblings Vidyut and Vishakha try to click the perfect selfie in Snaps in the Snow!

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