Tinkle Digest 314
(February 2018)

What’s Special?

  • Have you heard the tale of Atlas holding up the sky? Or was it Hercules? Find out in Hercules and the Golden Apples.
  • What conditions does a mother-in-law set to let her daughters-in-law visit their parents? Discover them in The Tale of Two Gifts.
  • Find out what the reward is for help in The Man Who Wanted ‘Nothing’.
  • Where does Payal Pig’s greed for papaya lead her? Find out in Rani Rabbit and Payal Pig.

Also starring:

Who stole Pedro’s grandmother’s money? Let The Clever Judge tell you.

How will the village simpleton outsmart the city dweller? Find out in Words for Words.

Will a troop of hares manage to save its territory, in the forest, from a herd of elephants? How does The Moon-god’s Messenger help?

How did The Four-Legged Astrologer gain his position in the King’s court?

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