Tinkle 684
(January 2018)

What’s Special?

The New Year celebrations continue with another fun-filled issue of Tinkle!

  • Sudipta, Debsmita and Mukul spend the Republic day at their uncle’s farmhouse. Will their long weekend be relaxing or will Uncle Debashish put them through The Drill?
  • This New Year Adit is determined to make his own decisions. But with clever ideas like bitter lemonade on his mind, how will he ever fulfil his Salty Resolutions?
  • Who programmed the first computer? What are stars made of? Read about The Unknown Scientists who answered these and many such questions.
  • Tantri is playing against Hujli’s General, Zantri in the Royal Tennis Tournament. Find out if his plot to be rid of his rival will work... Or whether his luck will dive bomb once again in Tantri the Mantri: Tennis (T)error.

Also Starring:

Rink or no rink, Wai is determined to go ice skating in Wai Knot: The Super Skater! Firoze, Ronita and Jenny have travelled back in time and landed in big trouble. Who will save them now in the Thriller, The Waters of Sulis? With Congo, the forgetful macaque, visiting Big Baan, things are about to get real exciting in Kalia the Crow: Memory Mania! And Shambu is helping the forest guards nab poachers. With all the running-around, will he find a minute to snack in Shikari Shambu: Chipping At It?

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