Tinkle 682
(December 2017)

What’s Special?

2017 is coming to a close but we have just opened an enormous bundle of fun!

  • Ina and her father, Jagannath argue about the best way to celebrate Christmas in Ina Mina Mynah Mo: Making Merry!
  • Siblings Bir and Bala have a lot to learn about their powers as Warriors of the Spirit. Will their new teacher, Vyan, help them call all their spirit animals in YogYodhas: Praani?
  • Atharva has to stay out late on the Shortest Day of the Year. Will his sister, Priyal cover for him as he showcases his secret talent in In Disguise?
  • This Christmas make your own tree ornament with our Do It Yourself: Clothes Peg Snowflake!
  • Vote for all your favourite Toons, covers, stories and more in Tinkle Awards 2017!

 Also Starring:

Learn all about the exciting game of Ultimate Frisbee in New Beginnings. Does Rachit get his smartphone back from the pesky monkeys in Monkey Menace? Meanwhile, Doob Doob’s prankster cousins pay him a visit in Kalia the Crow: Dazzling Delights. And find out why Buchki’s grandmother is acting so strange in Buchki and the Booligans: The Didu Deception!

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