Tinkle Digest 312
(December 2017)

What’s Special?

  • What is The Smart Ruse that the jackal uses to make the tiger’s cave a home for his wife and cubs?
  • A man overestimates the pancakes being cooked. Find out the result of his folly in He Counted before Eating.
  • Be a part of A Snoring Adventure Sanju and Gaurav take their uncle on. Without even waking him up!
  • Will Tantri’s debut film break all records at the box office or will he only break his bones In Cinemapur?

Also starring:

Help solve Kallu’s dilemma of The Locked Postbox.

How will Shikari Shambu capture a monster in the ocean while he is on a sinking ship? Find out in The Big Burp Theory!

Can The Divine Mango make you immortal? The court jester will tell.

Will Billy become a rebel to get a pair of fangs? Find out in Facing the World.

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