Tinkle 680
(November 2017)

What’s Special?

Tinkle is turning 37 and the party continues in this issue! Get ready to play, learn and laugh out loud with all your favourite Tinkle Toons!

  • Our newest Toons Bir and Bala are on their first adventure in YogYodhas: Freaks! Follow them as they discover their powers as warriors of the spirit.
  • Learn more about the fire that once destroyed the Tinkle office. And how the team battled all odds to put the next issue out in Tinkle Reborn!
  • Four cousins stumble upon an unexpected treasure while cleaning their grandma’s old room in Granny’s Secret.
  • Vote for all your favourite Toons, covers, stories and more in Tinkle Awards 2017!
  • John is the only one who hasn’t read the newest Tinkle issue. Find out what he does to save face in Tell A Tale.
  • To get to the Tinkle stories, Sam will need to crack some mind-boggling puzzles in Pic(k) Your Brains!
  • The wackiest new IdeaStar villan is revealed in WingStar: Overheard! Will this supervillian defeat WingStar?
  • Also read Rahul, Ravi, Sam and Mynah’s insane adventure as they try to escape the crazy amusement park, in the Mega Toon Mash-up, A Ride to Remember.

Also Starring:

Suppandi has a strange doubt during a test in Suppandi: Testing Times. Shaurya is back with poachers on his tail! Will dream team Shambu and Shaurya triumph over these goons? Find out in Shikari Shambu: House Arrest. Wai tries to make a business deal at the wrong place and the wrong time in Wai Knot: The Golf Pro.

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