Tinkle Digest 311
(November 2017)

What’s Special?

  • Mastram can’t see after nightfall. But his determination to keep it a secret might just land him in a giant mess in The Adventures of a Son-in-law.
  • Dr. Watson’s search for a flatmate leads him to Sherlock Holmes. But Sherlock isn’t who he seems to be in Know Thy Neighbour.
  • A poor couple’s first encounter with a mirror turns them against each other in The Magic Mirror.
  • Tantri takes Hooja for a deadly trip to Windy Mountain. But will the winds favour his plans in Tantri the Mantri in Windy Mountain?

 Also starring:

A game of cricket leads to the destruction of a garden in We Did It!

A terrified cat escapes her scary cousin tiger in How the Cat Came to Live with Man.

Two foolish brothers try to find some missing mangoes in The Thief.

The coming of a hurricane shakes up a lot more than trees in Hurricane that Hid in a Tree.

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