Tinkle 679
(November 2017)

What’s Special?

It’s Tinkle’s 37th Anniversary! Come join the Toons as they laugh, play, explore, and have a blast partying!

  • Olympic silver medallist and badminton superstar P. V. Sindhu shares an inspiring story from her childhood exclusively in Tinkle! Check out her nerve-racking It Happened to Me tale, Stressed Out!
  • Welcome Bir and Bala, the newest Tinkle Toons! Follow these warriors of the spirit as they battle the forces of evil with their newfound YogYodha powers in YogYodhas: Freaks!
  • Meanwhile, Ravi, Rahul, Sam, and Mynah end up in an amusement park with just one ride! Is this strange place a trap? Find out in the Mega Toon Mash-up Thriller, A Ride to Remember.
  • The best new IdeaStar SuperWeird power is revealed! Aisha uncovers a weird kidnapping plot and an even weirder SuperWeirdo in SuperWeirdos: Kaboom Phoos.
  • Turn any party into a Tinkle party by making your very own Tinkle skewers! Check out the DIY, A Tinkle-y Party.
  • Join hands with Sam as she solves the mystery of a fraudulent invention and saves Raja Hooja, Bina and Jagannath from a bad deal in You Be the Detective: Sweeten the Deal.
  • And vote for your favourite issue, cover, story, Tinkle character, and more in the 3rd Tinkle Awards!

Also Starring:

Suppandi refuses to play a board game for the strangest of reasons in Game On! And a new secret comes Aadi’s way, when he’s forced to sneak out of his dorm and into his Principal’s bungalow in NOIS: Pond Riot.

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