Tinkle Digest 310
(October 2017)

What’s Special?

  • Tiny Milind seems to stand no chance against a giant who wants to eat him. But he does have a clever little trick up his sleeve in The Dwarf Who Outwitted the Giant.
  • Sweet little puppy Raghuram is supposed to visit the vet. But no one is prepared for the chaos he creates once he’s there in Rags Meets the Doctor.
  • Ravi and Rahul, the Defective Detectives, are on the tail of an animal smuggler. But their investigation becomes a little too fishy in Defectives Detectives: A Faunal Fallacy.
  • Sundar goes to work for a Seth who has some very strange rules and refuses to pay his employees. Find out who wins this battle of wits in Sundar and the Seth.

Also starring:

A grandmother visits her grandson on a magic travelling pot in Grandma Goes Visiting.

A peacock that sings?! Discover this amazing bird in The Singing Peacock.

A Christmas tree comes to life, but brings more trouble than joy in The Christmas Tree.

And follow a simple bag of jewellery as it goes on an epic adventure in The Bag of Jewellery.

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