Tinkle 677
(October 2017)

What’s Special?

Explore the wonders and thrills of space as we celebrate World Space Week in this colourful issue of Tinkle!

  • Ms. Tooti the hamster is missing! And Ravi and Rahul are certain an alien is behind it! Get to the bottom of the mystery in Defective Detectives: Rodent Rescue.
  • A gigantic spaceship lands right in the middle of a strawberry farm in Mahabaleshwar! Where is it from and who’s inside it? Find out in Thrillers: The Berry Bandits.
  • Meanwhile, Sam has to set the record straight when the Defective Detectives try to convince her that there are UFOs everywhere in Know-It-All: UFOs Unmasked.
  • And YOU get to decide the Tinkle Toons’ next adventure! Vote for a new WingStar villain in the Tinkle IdeaStar Contest Voting.

Also Starring:

Suppandi who has trouble following Doctor’s Orders. Meanwhile, Gurdeep challenges his grandparents to a game, much to their enthusiasm in Bridge the Gap. A polar bear takes shelter in a bakery one night, only to be troubled by a very mischievous spirit in Polar Opposites. And WingStar faces off against one of her toughest enemies in Battle Lines.

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