Tinkle 676
(September 2017)

What’s Special?

Come laugh, play, learn, and explore with yet another action-packed issue of Tinkle!

  • Who’s Shaurya? That’s exactly the question Shikari Shambu ponders as a mysterious forest warrior turns up to take down poachers.
  • Heer and Aisha have won free tickets to Apu Melody’s special Navaratri show. But something evil is brewing underneath it all in SuperWeirdos: Chak Chak Chak.
  • Anaya thinks she can survive in the wild by herself. That is until Durga Puja, when she’s lost in a forest... by herself in Jungle Bungle.
  • And YOU get to decide the Tinkle Toons’ next adventure! Vote for a new SuperWeird power in the Tinkle IdeaStar Contest Voting.

Also Starring:

Suppandi buys a new printer with hilariously goofy results in Customer Care. Wai Knot sneaks off to catch his favourite scientist in action, while trouble waits for him in Lesson Learned. Bala and Aribam want to make their own student film. But disaster always seems to be around the corner in The Blockbuster. And Kavi thinks she can make a rare flower bloom with her unusual methods in Night Pickings.

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