Tinkle Digest 309
(September 2017)

What’s Special?

  • A couple discovers a magic pot which can double anything, even their troubles in The Magic Pot.
  • Naina and Siddu hate household chores. That is, until they meet their Aunt Meera in Sing When You Cook.
  • What happens when a SuperWeirdo who can make others dance meets an insane inventor? Find out in SuperWeirdos: Boink!
  • Shambu is determined to protect a goat from a tiger. But who will protect the tiger from Shambu? Check out Shikari Shambu.

Also starring:

Suppandi is all set to win a Nobel Prize in Nobel Intentions.

A soup made with stone?! Find out what remarkable dish this is in Stone Soup.

Doob Doob is convinced that Chamataka needs to learn how to fly in Kalia the Crow.

And watch how a baby elephant escapes from a crocodile in The Baby Elephant.

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