Feb 2016
The Carnival of Venice


The Tinkle Carnival is still on and there is so much in store for you!

Today, we are going to talk about the Carnival of Venice—one of the grandest carnivals of the world. 

The Carnival of Venice is a grand annual celebration held at Venice, Italy. A distinguishing feature of this carnival is the variety of masks you get to witness. Bauta, moretta, gnaga, and medico della pesta are some of the popular Venetian masks. 

Bauta comprises a tricorn black hat, a veil and a loose piece of cloth covering the shoulders. It was a popular costume of the old carnival and remains in fashion even in today's modern carnival. 

Worn by women, Moretta is an oval strapless velvet mask with no opening and is held in place by a button clenched between the teeth. 

Medico della pesta is an outfit invented by a French physician as protection from the plague that broke out several times between 1361 and 1680. It comprises an ankle length black overcoat, protective gloves and a bird-like mask with a long beak.

Gnaga is a mask worn by a man, disguised as a woman. The mask resembles a female cat. 

During the carnival, a contest for the best mask costume takes place where the participants parade in their attire and challenge each other.

These masks allow the people to enjoy the carnival freely as it helps them remain anonymous and enjoy equal social status irrespective of their class. 


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