Terms and Conditions for Tinkle Squad Video Contest

1. Amar Chitra Katha (“ACK”) is running a contest (“Contest”) for inviting the readers to send videos (“Videos”) to become a part of Tinkle squad (“Tinkle Squad”).

2. The Contest is open for participation to readers who are below 18 years of age (“Participants”). Readers who are below 18 (Eighteen) years of age, shall enter the Contest through their parent/guardian and who are residents of India.

3. The Participants shall create Videos telling ACK why they should be given a chance to become a part of the Tinkle Squad.

4. Tinkle Squad is a group of readers chosen by ACK who will make a focus group for Tinkle.ACK shall share the content (“Content”) of Tinkle magazine (“Tinkle”) prior to publication with the members of Tinkle Squad to invite their suggestions. The suggestions shall include ideas for characters, plot lines, stories etc. The Content shall mean any material related to the stories and features in Tinkle

5. ACK shall have the sole right to decide the Content that shall be shared with the members of Tinkle Squad.

6. Tinkle Squad shall comprise of

    - the readers who write to Tinkle regularly and

    - the winners of the Contest

7. The Participants shall send their Videos on tinklemail@ack-media.com (“Email”). The duration of the Video shall not be more than 30 seconds.

8. The selected Videos shall not be featured anywhere. Please note that this Contest does not offer any award/ prize for participating in this Contest. Participants who’s Videos get selected shall get a chance to become a part of the Tinkle Squad.

9. Please note that ACK holds the exclusive right to decide the winners of the Contest and composition of Tinkle Squad.

10. This Contest is applicable on the readers who are Indian residents.

11. This Campaign shall start from 16th March, 2019 and end on 15th April, 2019.

12. By entering the Contest, the Participant agrees to be bound by its terms & conditions.

13. The Participant shall participate in the Contest by sending the Videos on the Email.  

14. ACK shall retain all right, title and interest in its patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade name, trade dress, service marks and trade secrets and/or creations, model, data, flow chart, drawing, design, diagram, table, artwork, innovation or any other information or material (hereinafter referred to as "Intellectual Property Rights") at all times.

15. All confidential information including without limitation all intellectual property rights shall remain the property of ACK and no license or other rights is granted. “Confidential Information “shall mean any business, marketing, technical, scientific, financial, operational, commercial, staff and management related or other information disclosed in writing or which, at the time of disclosure is designated as confidential and supplied by ACK. Confidential Information also includes the Content that shall be shared by ACK with the members of Tinkle Squad.

16. The Participant does not have to pay for participating in the Contest or to become a part of the Tinkle Squad. Please do not share your credit card details in any case.

17. All the Participants are required to read and understand the terms and conditions properly before entering into any transaction.

18. ACK reserves the right to, without liability or prejudice to any of its other rights, at any time, without previous notice and from time to time, withdraw/suspend/amend/cancel the Contest and Tinkle Squad, with or without any reason.

19. Nothing contained in these terms and conditions, nor the running of this Contest and Tinkle Squad to which they apply, shall be construed as an obligation on ACK.

20. ACK is entitled to terminate, rescind or modify this Contest and Tinkle Squad at any time.

21. ACK reserves the right to change any of the rules of this Contest and Tinkle Squad while it is running if it appears appropriate to do so, including extending the closing date.

22. The Contest and Tinkle Squad shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws in India. All matters with respect to the Contest and Tinkle Squad are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts at Mumbai only.

23. The Contest and Tinkle Squad shall not be in violation to any laws for the time being in force.

24. The decision of ACK in all matters shall be final and binding.


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