Billy, you are simply fabulously funny! You are my most favourite toon in the whole of Tinkle! I even made a sketch of you, cut it out and stuck it up in my bedroom just underneath a spooky red lamp on the wall. –  Anisha Jain, Uttar Pradesh

I wonder when Billy will get his fangs back. I am sure he will look more handsome in them!  –  Kartikeya Reddy

Dental Diaries is superb. In ‘Choppy Waters’, when Billy says, "D-Does that mean the lagoon is now non-magical and I won't get my fangs this time?", his face is SO cute, I could have jumped into the magazine and hugged him.  –  Clarin Menezes, Kuwait

The newcomers, especially Billy, should make headlines for being so thrilling.  –  Gargie D’souza

Dental Diaries is super cool. It is my favourite because it features ghouls.  –  Rakesh Luhana

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