WHO is that?

That’s Aisha, a 12-year-old girl who like many of us wants to be a superhero. But unlike many of us, she is a superhero, albeit a weird one, which makes her a… SuperWeirdo! Ta-da! But, unfortunately, her superpower isn’t exactly what she was hoping for. No flying cape or super strength for this young girl. Aisha has the weird power to sense people with SuperWeird powers in them. And the ‘weird’ part about it is that she breaks out into ‘weird’ jiggles every time a SuperWeirdo is around! From finding SuperWeirdos who make people jump and clap to those who can pull the ground from beneath someone’s feet, it’s a crazy ride for Aisha. So forget fighting the bad guys with kicks and punches, the SuperWeirdos gang gives a fun, mad twist to superhero missions!

Rajani Thindiath, the editor of Tinkle, is the creator of this series and Abhijeet Kini is its illustrator.


WHEN did she make her debut?


Aisha’s first super adventure happened in 2012 in Tinkle Magazine 596.

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