WHO is that?

He’s Billy. Billy Drain. Do you really want to know who he is? (Gulp.) Well, he’s a… vampire! (Gak! Yikes! Eeeek!) Oh, but wait, wait! There’s no need to run. You see, he’s a fangless vampire (tee-hee!), which means he can do no harm. Oh, but don’t you go teasing him about that! He’s got a hot-tempered, over-protective (fully-fanged) mommy who’ll make you quake in your boots. She and Billy have been on a quest to fill the gaping holes in Billy dearest’s dental set (and his self-esteem). And this journey makes his so-called Dental Diaries. Oh, and did we mention that the series is laugh-out-loud-with-tears-of-joy kind of funny? It is.

Dolly Pahlajani is the creator of this 22-year-old vampire’s saga, and Abhijeet Kini, its artist.


WHEN did he make his debut?

On that dark Halloween night of 2012, in Tinkle Magazine 602, Billy made his (s)weeping entry.

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