WHO is that?

With his best friend Rahul, Ravi makes up the Defective Detectives—a duo who think they are serious detectives but are, well, duffers. Tall and lanky, 14-year-old Ravi shares many of his friend’s traits: a fascination with the world of spies and detectives, an overactive imagination that leads him to see criminals and monsters where none exist, and a penchant for suspecting everyone as criminals—even the most innocuous ones. In spite of going on an overdrive about every little thing, strangely both Ravi and Rahul have been impressively brave about their various failures.

Ravi is a cycling enthusiast, a sport that keeps him busy when imaginary crimes do not.


WHEN did he make his debut?


Ravi’s first tryst with detective work was in Tinkle 528 in August 2006.

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