WHO is that?

As one half of the infamous duo Defective Detectives, Rahul is a serious investigator of crimes… or so he thinks. Along with his best friend Ravi, he is forever in search of mysteries to solve—sometimes exaggerating the gravity of a situation. He sharpens his skills by reading ample detective stories, but more than often he ends up using those skills to track down the wrong people. His ambition is to become a great detective like Sherlock Holmes, but sometimes he feels he would be better off as a spy like James Bond. He believes that crime is always lurking around the corner and that everyone is a suspect, which makes for awkward but hilarious confrontations with those “suspects”.

Otherwise, Rahul is an average 14-year-old who loves food and deals with the usual trials and tribulations of being a teenager. He is an only child and likes to play table tennis and chess, and occasionally football where he is usually the goalie.


WHEN did he make his debut?


Rahul attempted to solve his first case in Tinkle 528 in August 2006.

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