WHO is that?

Tantri is a minister at the court of King Hooja in a town called Hujli. He is the man who protects the King from danger and acts of treason—he is also the man behind them! That’s right. Tantri the Mantri wants to become the King of Hujli, by hook or crook. Alas! All his plans to dethrone Hooja backfire on him in the most comical and bizarre ways. But this mantri is relentless and will try any trick, no matter how ludicrous, to get his hands on the crown.

Tantri the Mantri was first illustrated by Ashok Dongre, and is currently in the hands of Vineet Nair.


WHEN did he make his debut?


Tantri first tried his luck at getting the crown in 1984, in Tinkle 51.

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