WHO is that?

She’s a punch, kick and judo chop away from defeating the bad guys! Oops, did we say judo? We meant kung fu! Meet Chiyo—our half-Indian, half-Japanese super-samurai warrior. She studies in Happy Valley Boarding School in South India with her best friends, Geeta and Umar. Chiyo was a natural born samurai, although she didn’t know it in the beginning. Her martial arts teacher helped her learn how to control her temper and improve her samurai skills. HI-YAH!

Now Chiyo uses her samurai skills only to defeat the bad guys. Like the time when the League of Very Bad Children tried to recruit her into their team and she fought against them to protect her friends.


WHEN did she make her debut?


Chiyo fought her first samurai battle in August 2013 in Tinkle Digest 260.

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