WHO is that?

Shikari Shambu is everything he doesn’t appear to be. Just like his name. Although known as Shikari, he is no hunter. He is a conservationist and a wildlife expert. People turn to him in times of crises. Whether it is for rescuing a wild animal or catching a dangerous criminal, this forest ranger is everybody’s go-to guy. But, lo and behold, Shambu is no brave heart. He is secretly petrified of animals and has no love for adventure. All he seeks is a good, fluffy pillow to sleep on. But trouble always finds its way to Shambu and luck finds him a way out. And the combination of the two creates a hilarious mad-venture!

Created by former Tinkle editor, Luis Fernandes, artist V.B. Halbe brought this classic toon to life. Currently, our Art Director, Savio Mascarenhas, keeps the hat on on Shikari Shambu.


WHEN did he make his debut?


Shikari Shambu had his first adventure in Tinkle 37 in 1983.

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