Meet the COOL CAST


Mina’s older, fashion-conscious sister who is also her primary role model. Mina often becomes Ina’s accomplice in her many plans.


Bibliophile (book loving) and socially aware, Mynah will campaign for any and all causes she thinks are worthwhile. Naturally, this makes her quite an opinionated person who isn’t afraid of speaking her mind, which easily influences Mina.


The youngest, Mo is the pampered baby of the family. She loves food and willingly participates in any activity that involves cooking and eating.


The girls’ father. He is wary of spending money and prefers to save as much as possible, which is an uphill battle since his girls often get the best of him.


The girls’ mother and their closest ally. Beena also tries to pacify her husband when he feels helpless against the girls. She wants her daughters to have the best, but she understands how to walk the tight rope.

Tinkle Store

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