Meet the COOL CAST


He is Samson’s best friend who joins secondary school along with Samson. He does not have any superhero powers or an avatar but helps Samson out just as a best friend would normally do.


She is Samson’s classmate who is among the first few to join Samson’s imaginary superhero gang. Samson considers it his duty to welcome all the new students in his school which is why he takes it upon himself to help Rhea when she is in trouble. He also imagines her to be his superhero sidekick.


he is the bully at Samson’s school. Although Samson is afraid of Rahul, but he is brave enough to face up to Rahul whenever he is back to his evil ways. In Samson’s imagination, Rahul plays the role of the Super Villain.


a new student at Samson’s secondary school who quickly becomes a close friend of the gang. Jai helps Samson when he gets caught in a situation that he can’t get out of by himself. Samson imagines Jai to be his superhero sidekick.

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